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Practicing Physicians

If you are enrolled in a program administered by InsMed, please go to our plan participant support site for information on your program.

Attending Physician Programs

InsMed Insurance Agency is the leading disability insurance brokerage for physicians nationwide.  Whether you’re a anesthesiologist, radiologist, or oncologist, you will find information on the most financially secure disability insurance companies in America .

Most physicians have insurance coverage on their homes and cars but many have not realized the value of their future earnings may far exceed the value of their tangible assets. If a physician's future earnings cease because of an accident or illness, the loss of income could present serious financial problems. Disability income insurance policies for physicians can help replace a portion of the loss of income due to disability during one's working years.

Own Occupation Definition of Disability for Income Protection

One of the most important features in a disability contract is an own-occupation definition of disability. This means that if you are unable to work in your specialty due to an injury or illness, the policy will pay you a benefit, even if you choose to work in another occupation.

Supplemental Income

Supplemental portable disability plans allow attending physicians to increase the level of coverage during their training to as much as 100% income replacement. Also, the plan guarantees the right to increase coverage as income increases. Unfortunately, conventional group disability insurance coverage only insures you during medical school and if you develop a health condition, you may be unable to protect yourself upon graduation.

Group Long Term Disability Conversion Plans

An attending physician can be guaranteed a high quality level of protection through a group long term disability conversion plan provided the employer selects such a plan.

Retirement Protection

In recent years, several nationally recognized carriers have introduced individual contracts that will specifically address this coverage need. Professionals now have the opportunity to insure as much as 100% of their current contributions in the event of a total disability. This benefit will be provided in addition to any existing group or individual disability coverage and can prove be a valuable source of disability coverage for highly compensated physicians and executives who currently have reached the industry's maximum benefit levels.

Our experienced team will work exclusively with you;  we understand your desire to have the highest quality products available.

If you are seeking assistance or services not listed on this website, please call. We are equipped to develop custom programs to meet your specific needs. For additional information, please contact us at 800-214-7039 or complete our request for proposal to receive a quote.

Most employer provided group disability benefits only cover basic monthly earnings. Performance based compensation is unprotected and individual coverage can be used to address this need.
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