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Medical Schools

If you are enrolled in a program administered by InsMed, please go to the plan support section of this website for information specific to your coverage.


Embarking on a career in medicine means accepting the unique privileges and risks associated with the field. Each year students are placed in training environments rife with conditions that can either disable or cause the student to become uninsurable and unable to protect his or her future income.

Your school can safeguard students throughout their school years and allow graduates to maintain coverage irrespective of current or pre-existing health conditions. Coverage can be maintained during advanced training and then converted to a permanent individual policy upon entering practice.

In the past decade several carriers have developed contracts that provide coverage that addresses the unique and ever changing insurance needs of medical students. These contracts are able to provide monthly benefits and may include provisions to insure any loan payment obligations that may become due during a disability.

To receive a quote, please complete our online form, or for more information send us an e-mail, or call our office at (800) 214-7039 to speak with one of our experienced representatives who have the professional expertise to answer your questions and help design a plan that best meets your needs and budget.

Medical student loans are rarely insured by the disability package offered by residency programs and the coverage usually is limited and temporary protection.
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